Affordable Lab Space

The rising cost of real estate and limited availability of lab space can be a major barrier for launching a company. ABI-LAB offer an affordable, convenient alternative in the heart of one of the world’s largest life science clusters. Our mission is to facilitate the growth and success of our entrepreneurs. We do this by creating a vibrant collaborative community and offering affordable, move-in-ready lab space.  

Accelerated Discoveries

We strive to support our residents in any way we can. To ensure that no matter what you’re working on, you’ve got the very best tools at your fingertips, including access to cutting-edge equipment, on-site pre-clinical services, and shared amenities, so you have the tools to get started and the space to grow.

Resources to Succeed

It’s not just about affordable lab space; it’s about being around like-minded people, ideas and talent. We also offer residents other advantages that come in the form of intangibles, such as mentoring, business resources, exposure to potential partners and investors, and a lecture series. Everything you need so you can devote your energy to what really matters — innovation.