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Move in today, start your science tomorrow

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize biotechnology and support scientific innovation. We partner with life science companies, handling administrative tasks so they can focus on groundbreaking research. We’re committed to sustainability, inclusivity, and ethical governance to create a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our Community

At ABI-LAB, we’re building a thriving community where innovation and progress flourish. We encourage start-ups and larger corporations alike to become a part of our diverse ecosystem. The more varied perspectives, the better! Join us at ABI, where connections are made, and breakthroughs happen.

Innovation Lab

ABI-LAB has a state-of-the-art Innovation Lab for communal use by our tenants. We do not charge for use of our instruments—we even offer training sessions for our more elaborate equipment.

Our Location

Our campus is easily accessible from the Massachusetts Turnpike and Route 9. We’re located in between Routes 95 and 495.

Scientist working in an ABI-LAB lab

What Our Tenants Say:

In the end it was a very simple choice for us. We chose ABI-LAB because of location, but also because it had all the utilities, it was set up for research. We were literally doing experiments the day after our first box moved into the lab. And it’s allowed us to focus on what we do. If I had to set up all the equipment, if I had a quarter million dollars…it would take me 3 months. Most companies go bankrupt. Here I know what my costs are going to be. This is going to be the difference between making it or not. That’s what it’s enabled. Keep on working hard and fast.
W. Richard Light, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, VirTech Bio