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Community Involvement

Forging the path for positive change

Volunteering not only supports those in need but also fosters personal growth, team bonding, and a sense of social responsibility among our tenants. Through our commitment to volunteer initiatives, we aim to make a meaningful difference while inspiring others to join us in building a brighter future together.

Natick Achieve Program

Recent Natick High School graduate, Jake B. has been volunteering with ABI-LAB through the Natick Achieve Program. The Achieve Program is designed for students aged 18-22 who require continued functional academics, life skills instruction, vocational skills, and post-high school planning. The program caters to students with various profiles, including those with intellectual impairments, language-based disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, emotional disabilities, and impaired social skills. With a focus on academics and life skills, students are able to improve their financial management, employment requirement portfolios, daily living skills, social instruction, and access to the community through public transportation or driver’s license attainment.

For Jake’s vocational training, he visits ABI-LAB twice a week and assists us with several tasks that help him become more confident and comfortable in a workplace, and build his professional and social skills. ABI-LAB has built a strong relationship with Jake, and we look forward to continuing to work with Natick Achieve in the future, and helping students build new skills and grow their confidence in a workplace.

Natick Service Council

The Natick Service Council is a nonprofit organization based in Natick, Massachusetts, that provides a range of essential services and assistance to individuals and families in need within the local community. Its primary goal is to support and empower people by addressing their immediate needs and helping them get on track to achieve long-term stability.

In the recent holiday season, ABI-LAB partnered with the Natick Service Council in order to supply toys to those in need. We raised over 100 toys through our company-wide toy drive, and look forward to continuing this tradition to give back during the holiday season.

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Blood Donation Drives

ABI-LAB is proud to report our contribution to the American Red Cross, and look forward to continuing to host semi-annual blood drives in the future. We are committed to supporting our community and engaging our tenants to do the same. With 39% first-time donors and 49 units of blood collected, we plan to continue spreading our impact and incorporating volunteer work in our company values.

Local Schools

We are dedicated to sharing our resources with local schools – both high schools and colleges. We firmly believe that all people should have equal opportunities, and that it is important to do our part in creating a more equitable community.

Some of our initiatives in support of local schools consist of:

  • Donations of consumables and equipment to local schools
  • Spoke at educational programs to get high school students interested in STEM
  • In collaboration with the Metro-west Life Science Network, we have raised over $30,000 for Massachusetts Bay Community College and Framingham State University