Gary LWG Robinson, PHD

Dr. Robinson has been a Biotech entrepreneur and early stage drug development expert for over 20 years. He has provided effective strategic planning and operations reviews and support through his biotech service company, PhaseDesing Research (PDR) for over 20 years.

As founder and principal at PDR, Dr. Robinson success is centered on regulatory and clinical planning expertise, enhanced by deep experience in primary pharmacology and IND enabling preclinical studies. He also is an grant-funding expert and sits on different translational grant review panels. Dr. Robinson specializes in identifying appropriate cost-efficient project plans that attain rapid, value-creating, meaningful milestones, and regulatory agreement or proof of clinical relevance data. Dr. Robinson also has broad experience in drug substance, drug product manufacture and formulation development.

Eliezer Zomer, PHD

Dr. Zomer is Vice President in Drug Discovery & Manufacturing at Galectin Therapeutics.

Dr. Zomer has been a leader in biotechnology research, chemical engineering, and drug discovery for over 30 years. This includes 15 years of extensive research and development in pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics. He has also managed multiple programs for industrial and regulatory applications using his vast knowledge in scale-up manufacturing under GMP and GLP method development, in-vitro diagnostic, validation and regulatory submission. Dr. Zomer has also managed, developed, and submitted standard operation and validation protocols for regulatory approval in clinical, veterinary and agrochemical fields.

Dr. Raphael Nir, Chief Scientific Officer

Raphael Nir, co-founder of ABI-LAB, is the third member of our advisory board. More information about Dr. Nir can be found on the Leadership Team page.