Company Overview

SHEPHERD Therapeutics is on an undying mission to bring new therapeutics to over half a million new rare cancer patients each year. Our platform-agnostic approach allows us to select the most technologically innovative solutions for patients and to diversify our portfolio of compounds across multiple rare cancers, therapeutic platforms, and partnership and licensing structures. To learn more, visit

Position: Summer Intern – DELVE Team

SHEPHERD is seeking highly motivated, innovative, and resourceful students at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels to help advance our understanding of rare cancers and to help develop novel therapies to treat these indications. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute ideas for new drug development projects.We are looking for students and graduates with an interest in conducting statistical, epidemiological, and general non-laboratory research related to rare cancers. Those with unconventional backgrounds are welcome.

Time Commitment: Summer (~June 1st- ~August 31st)

Location: Back Bay, Boston, MA or Offsite depending on Covid status

Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities

Depending on background, one or more of the following: Literature review related to rare cancers, including understanding genetic drivers, key characteristics, standards of care, incidence, prevalence, demographics, outcomes, and other attributes. Utilization of molecular biology and cell biology to support research relating to various drug candidates on therapeutics for rare cancers and present findings to the team. Potential for additional research related to rare cancers, and inputting findings into the DELVE interface, decision science models, and other statistical models.


Depending on background, one or more of the following: Students at all levels in biology, chemistry, economics, policy, healthcare, or other fields Significant interest in cancer-related research Strong research, organization, and communication skills, with demonstrated ability to problem solve and work independently as well as in a heterogeneous team environment. Unconventional applicants welcome.


Variable based on level/experience