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  • Our service is based on a transformative, proprietary technology that provides novel insights into signaling pathway activation. The platform focuses on multiple targets that comprehensively reflect activities of major signaling pathways. These data are presented using software that allows easy visualization of integrated pathway activities. Cost of our service is significantly lower than current options in proteomics research, and our “paired-antibody” architecture delivers significantly higher specificity and robustness of results.
  • Our marquee product, the MPAD platform (Multiplex Paired-antibody Amplified Detection assay) measures the activity of multiple signaling pathways in one reaction. Activities of more than 20 signaling pathways are assessed simultaneously in a single well by measuring 70 target proteins for modifications, cleavage and expression. Each pathway is covered by multiple targets.
  • Our service is used by academic, pharmaceutical and biotech researchers to quickly and reliably assess the pathway activation / inhibition profile in human or mouse samples.
  • Our technology is highly sensitive and easily scalable to 96-well format. Only a low amount of sample is needed for the assay – 150ng of total protein in the lysate or ~10,000 of plated cells in one well of a 96-well plate. The ActivSignal MPAD panel covers human and mouse proteins.