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Harmony Baby Nutrition

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  • At Harmony, we believe technology is the way forward to creating the most natural alternatives to breast milk. We use a technology called protein farming to harvest human breast milk components that serve as the basis for our infant formula, delivering the nutrition that nature has built for babies.
  • As with all parents, our #1 priority is the safety of infants. We make sure that every component we grow is 100% identical to those found in breast milk, so every ingredient that comes out of our lab is one that could come from a breast. We chose our technology because it has a proven track record of safety, and while we are one of the first applying it to the baby nutrition industry, it has been used in the medical industry for over 30 years. Harmony only settles for the best, and our team is filled with top industry experts both on the technological side and the infant nutrition side to ensure that we are providing top nutrition that is completely safe (check out our “Meet Us” page to learn more about the team).
  • Harmony is always working to provide a formula that more closely matches breast milk. Every time we are able to grow a component that is bioidentical to its breast milk counterpart, we move on to the next. With labs in New York, Ireland, Brazil and soon Hong Kong, we are working around the globe to make a human based breast milk alternative a reality.