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Mercy BioAnalytics, Inc.

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We are happy to share our positive experience with ABI-LAB, an incubator space for small biotechnology companies nestled in Natick, Massachusetts. ABI-LAB provides a great environment for innovation and growth.

ABI-LAB’s facilities provide small businesses with the adaptability and flexibility they need. The shared resources and areas foster a collaborative atmosphere, allowing companies to thrive through collective knowledge and support. ABI-LAB frequently hosts vendor shows, information sessions, and scientific and technical seminars.

One standout feature is the provision of lab gases and vacuum, cryogenic storage, RODI water, and rentable lab equipment, relieving startups of the logistical burdens often associated with laboratory setups. ABI-LAB’s “ready to move in” approach ensures that companies can hit the ground running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

The convenience of free parking and easy accessibility, away from the hustle and bustle of Boston metro traffic, is also a plus. This strategic location is close to essential amenities, including hotels, restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, and even proximity to an airport shuttle.

For start-up companies, finding the right space is crucial. ABI-LAB provides a balanced blend of a supportive business environment and a location that facilitates work-life balance. We recommend ABI-LAB to any biotechnology startup seeking an incubator space for their innovative journey.