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Aleta Biotherapeutics logo

We were among the first companies to join ABI-LAB at the beginning of 2016 and have been very happy with our decision. As we looked for lab space west of Boston, it became clear that ABI-LAB would be a great fit for us due to the location, space and cost. The shared equipment in the two buildings has saved us money and time by allowing us access to centrifuges, a plate reader, a nanodrop, -80 freezer space and so on. The management of the building is very responsive to our requests and worked with us to obtain more space to expand when COVID 19 disrupted our work environment. They have provided a safe, friendly atmosphere to work and we plan to remain at ABI-LAB for the foreseeable future.

Paul Rennert
Co-founder, Aleta Biotherapeutics
GO Therapeutics logo

ABI-LAB presented an opportunity. What we were looking for was a space where we continue to have a private suite and can add more people as we are growing but still have access to a shared lab. ABI-LAB presented the right opportunity.

Edwin Tan
Director, GO Therapeutics
VirTech Bio logo

In the end it was a very simple choice for us. We chose ABI-LAB because of location, but also because it had all the utilities, it was set up for research. We were literally doing experiments the day after our first box moved into the lab. And it’s allowed us to focus on what we do. If I had to set up all the equipment, if I had a quarter million dollars…it would take me 3 months. Most companies go bankrupt. Here I know what my costs are going to be. This is going to be the difference between making it or not. That’s what it’s enabled. Keep on working hard and fast.

W. Richard Light, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, VirTech Bio
WuXi AppTec logo

As a tenant of ABI-LAB, Gary and team make us feel very welcome with weekly and monthly visits from vendors and business partners to promote multiple opportunities. Michelle and Megan are professional, delightful, and thorough with a high display of integrity to ensure all of the operational and functional activities are good. Norm and David run a pretty tight ship with all the building codes as current and acceptable to operate. The ABI team also hosts a variety of events to promote an open and social environment with fellow tenants. These events can consist of holiday parties, company presentations, and host sessions to strengthen relationships between the various businesses here at ABI-LAB. I am truly glad to be a tenant here at ABI-LAB at 22 Strathmore Road in Natick, MA!

Wuxi AppTec
ThermoFisher Scienitific Logo

I have had the pleasure of closely working with ABI-LAB Management and their tenants on a regular basis. The critical research being conducted very much aligns with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s own mission to help enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. I am consistently impressed by the innovation ABI-LAB’s tenants develop and implement that have potential to truly advance the human condition and change the world for the better. The partnership between Thermo Fisher Scientific and ABI-LAB enables research to be developed more efficiently and with speed to better serve the biotechnology industry and ultimately, larger standalone companies.

Stephen Horaj
ThermoFisher Scientific
SOLA Biosciences logo

ABI-LAB has been very flexible for all six of our biotech companies, accommodating to our stages and phases since 2016. SOLA Biosciences was the first resident in ABI-LAB. It is a place where we can focus on projects as well as collaborate with other scientists and entrepreneurs. The owners, Raphael and Gary, have been very supportive to us. They are more than just the owners, but they are fellow colleagues working with us to achieve our goals.

Keizo Koya, PhD
CEO, Strategia Holdings and SOLA Biosciences
Mercy Bioanalytics logo

We are happy to share our positive experience with ABI-LAB, an incubator space for small biotechnology companies nestled in Natick, Massachusetts. ABI-LAB provides a great environment for innovation and growth.

ABI-LAB’s facilities provide small businesses with the adaptability and flexibility they need. The shared resources and areas foster a collaborative atmosphere, allowing companies to thrive through collective knowledge and support. ABI-LAB frequently hosts vendor shows, information sessions, and scientific and technical seminars.

One standout feature is the provision of lab gases and vacuum, cryogenic storage, RODI water, and rentable lab equipment, relieving startups of the logistical burdens often associated with laboratory setups. ABI-LAB’s “ready to move in” approach ensures that companies can hit the ground running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

The convenience of free parking and easy accessibility, away from the hustle and bustle of Boston metro traffic, is also a plus. This strategic location is close to essential amenities, including hotels, restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, and even proximity to an airport shuttle.

For start-up companies, finding the right space is crucial. ABI-LAB provides a balanced blend of a supportive business environment and a location that facilitates work-life balance. We recommend ABI-LAB to any biotechnology startup seeking an incubator space for their innovative journey.

Mercy BioAnalytics, Inc.
Shepherd Therapeutics logo

We consider this space to be better than anything offered in the Boston ecosystem. We can’t be a biotech without lab space. It was a remarkable space for us. We’ve done everything on about 30-40% of typical funding…(we are) fast and lean and light. By far the nicest we’ve seen and it’s in a price point that is remarkably affordable. The whole ecosystem really is comprised of a number of heroic people.

David Hysong
Founder & CEO, SHEPHERD Therapeutics
Gatehouse Bio logo

My name is Johnny Wang, and I’m from Gatehouse Bio, one of the tenants in ABI-LAB. I have had an exceptional experience with ABI-LAB and its facilities. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to assist with any needs. The facilities are well-maintained and clean and offer a comfortable environment to work in. I have appreciated the attention to detail and the efforts to create a welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend ABI-lab to anyone looking for a top-notch biotech facility.

Johnny Wang
Gatehouse Bio
Vuja De Sciences logo

I have worked at ABI-LAB for over a year and it is a great place for startups! The combination of shared equipment, collaborative atmosphere and extremely competitive leasing make this a great location for your biotech company!

Scott Sauer
Head of Preclinical Discovery, at Vuja De Sciences